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The world's first well-designed gardens were bulit by the order of Cyrus the Great at Pasargad c. 500 B.C.

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Ilamite Ziggurat Temple
Empress Farah
The earliest known Persian monument of imposing dimensions and character , rivaling the Egyptian Pyramids in the ancient world was built in the form of a ziggurat at Dur Untash , a city near the present day but Biblical Susa , by Untash-gal, King of Ilam in c.1250 BC. in honor of Inshushinak , guardian god of Susa.

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Empress Pooraandokht
A bichrome depiction of Poorandokht,Empress of Persia during the Sassanians and the 25th monarch in the Sassanian dynasty ,on a late 19th cent.Qajar tile at Mo'aven-ol-Molk Tekkieh ( Tekkieh= place for the performance of the Islamic passion play and also massive ritualistic celebration of the martyrdom of the 3rd Imam of the Muslims ) in the city of Kermanshah.Pooraandokht ruled for over 18 months.This place displays a magnificent wedding of Islamic and pre-Islamic motifs in the tile work.

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From Persepolis at Marvdasht of Fars province in southern Iran

An Achaemenian relief
Standing Pillars at Persepolis
RElief of a ram at Persepolis
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I hope you find the pics interesting enough to look at.They are all about Persepolis,the great , mysterious Achaemenian ritualistic & administrative Palace dating back to circa 500 BC.


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